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Comet's Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life: How the Grehound and I Rescued My Life

Comet's Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life - Steven D. Wolf, Lynette Padwa Comet’s Tale was almost equal parts frustrating and enjoyable. Ostensibly this is Comet’s show – the heartwarming story of how a mistreated greyhound, having been brutally raced and abruptly abandoned, overcomes her own neglect and the limitations of her breed to transform the life of a disabled man. Comet is smart, and willing, to be trained as Wolf’s aid dog. Wolf trains Comet himself because no other animal trainer thinks it can be accomplished with a greyhound. The title of the book makes it clear that this is Comet’s story, but the lack of meaningful detail about Wolf made it difficult to get at true sense of the impact Comet had. He allows that he is guarded, a do it yourself guy who keeps his feelings private. I couldn’t help thinking that these tendencies presented in the vague way he relayed information about his condition, the detrimental effect it had on his relationship with his wife and teenaged daughters, and his day-to-day functioning. Essentially, I had problems with the book’s structure. I was distracted by the lack of information throughout. Details I discovered at the end would have kept me engaged in the beginning, but as it stands I got the feeling that Wolf was trying to protect his life and its details. This seemed incongruous to writing a book, albeit one about your dog. It’s one thing to say that strangers loved Comet, that she could open doors and pull Wolf’s wheelchair, but without the context I later received, it was difficult to fully appreciate Comet’s unusual devotion.

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